Franchising is a way to start a business where you are in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself. It is a long-term partnership  between the franchisor and franchisee working together semi-independently towards achieving the same goal: business success,  financial growth and entrepreneurial freedom. In this partnership there are non-interchangeable roles: The Rush Coffee develops,  trains and guides a proven system and plan, and the franchisee carries out that plan at their local level.

Being a Franchisee of The Rush Coffee is a
long-term investment of your time and energy

The Rush Coffee’s success is a direct result of the drive and effort that our franchisees put into making their locations successful.  That’s why we spend a lot of time getting to know the people we go into business with and understanding if they are the right fit for  The Rush Coffee. This is not a passive investment – this opportunity requires grit and determination, working some long days, early  mornings, a few late nights and a handful of exhausting weekends. This can be hard work – but it’s well worth the reward of having  financial freedom and freedom over your schedule.  

We’re looking for owner/operators who have commitment and active involvement in the opening and daily operations of your  business. We’ll train you from scratch, be there every step of the way to get your truck on the streets and money in your bank. Once  you’re fully up and running, we continue to support you, guide you and help you become as successful as you want to be. You  invest your whole self and we invest in you.

Some things to consider 

The Rush Coffee truck franchise is unique in the industry in that we’re only mobile. We want to make you aware of the  realities of owning and operating a The Rush Coffee, as well as characteristics we’re looking for in prospective  candidates.

The Investment

While operating a The Rush  Coffee truck franchise requires  a relatively modest initial financial commitment, it requires a deep commitment to  own and operate the business  in a hands-on manner. In the  first few years, you will be owner, operator, barista, marketing, and maintenance  all in one.

The Industry

We are in the business of quick service and high volume coffee, but  the majority of our business is in  events and caterings. The Rush Coffee franchisees must be able to  manage always-changing schedules, work like well-oiled machines and  instill confidence in clients in your ability to deliver a higher level of  service than any other vendor

The Risk

The Rush Coffee truck franchisees run their own incredibly complex businesses,  ultimately in charge of all aspects of the operations. Their success and return on investment are proportionate to their hard work, business acumen and customer service.  It is not however, guaranteed.

The Expectation

Competitive candidates will show  evidence of personal financial integrity and stewardship, proven  business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth  mindset, and strong character. All franchisees join our family for at  least 5 years – hopefully longer – and we’re careful about who we choose to pour into.

Hear from our Franchisees:

Cheryl, Temecula, CA 

The most challenging part of starting my Rush  Coffee franchise was getting my truck built,  but I have been surprised with how incredibly welcoming my community has been and how  many referrals I got right away (and still get)  for bookings. People just love coffee! I am SO  happy and grateful that I opened my  business! The feeling I get when I hand  someone the “coffee of their dreams” is so  incredibly fulfilling. We truly are HAPPINESS DELIVERED!!!

Lee & Chari Myers

Chari, Scottsdale, AZ

After nine years of raising our two children to school-age, it was time for me to find a new  opportunity. As a fan of The Rush Coffee; it  was perfect timing to learn they would be  franchising. We’ve always been interested in pursuing entrepreneurship,  being our own boss, and being in control of  our future. The best thing is that we love  coffee, and this business aligns with our  values. We are excited to be part of The Rush Coffee family.

Owners: George & Desiree Hadden

George, Liberty Hill, TX 

I joined The Rush Coffee because of my love for coffee, freedom of working where and  when I want, and they have a business model I believe in and know works!

Still curious about the opportunity?