The birth of The Rush Coffee is both typical and unique at the same time. Typical in that it’s the story of burn-out from a non-profit corporate career and the need for freedom, more meaning and happiness. After 10 years spent growing and learning in a corporate-run non-profit organization, co-founder Claire Oksayan (that’s me) was determined to make a change and break free. With 2 young boys at home, I felt like I was missing out on the most important pieces of life, and it was time to re-claim my freedom and my family. Together with my husband and co-founder, Parsegh, the idea for The Rush Coffee was born.

Riding on my experience as a barista and in my career at the non-proift, and Parsegh’s experience and skills in everything else we would need, we set out to claim the American dream of working for ourselves, setting our own schedule, and playing by our own rules. Our first The Rush Coffee truck hit the streets in March 2017, the second truck came in 2018 and the third in 2019. Within 3 short years, The Rush Coffee had made a big impact in the San Diego County mobile coffee scene, delivering happiness to tens of thousands of people each year.

Fast-forward to March 2020 when the pandemic flipped everything upside down. You’d think this would be a story of so many other small businesses that struggled through 2020 and 2021 only to have to close their doors. But here’s where this story becomes unique. Unknown to us back in 2017, mobile businesses, specifically mobile food and beverage businesses, would be nearly pandemic-proof. Considered “essential” by the government, we were able to not only remain open, but also avoided many of the closure struggles that brick-and-mortar businesses faced. In a nutshell, we were free to continue working the same way we had before – all we had to do was find the customers. But not too long into the pandemic, the customers started flooding in and The Rush Coffee experienced record breaking months in 2021!

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    So Who Are We?

    Faith, Freedom and Family. This is what The Rush Coffee stands for.

    We are thankful for the opportunity to manage and grow this unique business that God has provided for us, and it’s our faith that guides and grows us.

    We believe in freedom for all people. No longer do you need to be chained to a soul-crushing career or feel forced to do things against your will just to keep your job. You can have the freedom of working for yourself – this means setting your own schedule and reclaiming your independence.

    The Rush Coffee was built so we could have more time with our family. It has turned into a family business, with even our 2 sons getting involved, plus numerous siblings, parents and friends who have jumped in to help. This business is as much a part of our family as our beloved dog, Taco.


    We have found a level of independence and autonomy that most middle-income Americans only dream about, especially now – and that same freedom is available to you. Consider joining our family and reclaiming your personal freedom.


    is our tagline because we deliver delicious cups of happiness (a.k.a. coffee) to our customers wherever we go. But also because through our franchise opportunities we get to deliver happiness (a.k.a. freedom and opportunity) to people just like you!